Upfest 2017 – part 2

Part 1 of my look at Upfest 2017 included mainly work-in-progress shots. This post focuses on the finished pieces:


Upfest 2016 – part 2

Monday was viewing day at Upfest 2016 – a chance to see all the work that had been completed over the weekend. It was fascinating to see how some of the pieces had developed since day one (photos here). It’s been another excellent event, with some terrific new artwork now gracing the walls of Bedminster – Jody’s painting of Cassie Meder (first pic) is particularly impressive. IMG_0799IMG_1192cIMG_0566aIMG_1261Img_1077 IMG_0708 IMG_0714IMG_0624IMG_0640 IMG_0723IMG_1240 IMG_1226a IMG_0536 IMG_0542IMG_0678aIMG_0843IMG_0844IMG_0707 IMG_0573IMG_1154 Img_0574 IMG_0663 IMG_0673IMG_0667 IMG_0690 IMG_0725 IMG_0980IMG_1029 IMG_1010 IMG_1011IMG_1161 Img_1046IMG_1177IMG_0721f Img_1059 IMG_1116Img_0985 Img_1167 IMG_0740 IMG_0761a IMG_0763 IMG_0858 Img_0906 Img_0939IMG_1034 IMG_0962a IMG_0998a Img_1069 Img_1079 Img_1100 Img_1102IMG_1183 Img_1106IMG_1207 Img_1128 IMG_1166 IMG_1200 Img_0602 IMG_0644 IMG_0696 IMG_0701 IMG_0704 IMG_0756 IMG_0767aImg_0606 IMG_0811 IMG_0840 Img_0873 IMG_0877 Img_0878 Img_0888 Img_0891 Img_0901Img_1119 Img_0942 IMG_1002 IMG_1005 Img_1016 IMG_1021 Img_1050Img_0959 IMG_1125 IMG_0595a IMG_0598 Img_0608 IMG_0621 IMG_0635 IMG_0668 Img_0917 IMG_0930 IMG_0981IMG_1038 IMG_0992 IMG_1065a Img_1074 Img_1094Img_0924 Img_1108 Img_1109 IMG_1111 Img_1122 IMG_1093aIMG_1143IMG_0619

Upfest 2016 – part 1

Many thousands of visitors descended on Bedminster today to see over 300 artists from 40 countries painting during the first day of Upfest. Few of the works were finished so many of these photos are work in progress shots – I’ll post photos of the finished works after a second visit.

IMG_0342IMG_0344bIMG_0391aIMG_0465IMG_0306IMG_0298IMG_0331a IMG_0318IMG_0414 IMG_0338 IMG_0495IMG_0221a IMG_0226 IMG_0229 IMG_0231 IMG_0285 IMG_0292 IMG_0340 IMG_0345 IMG_0361 IMG_0363 IMG_0370 IMG_0372 IMG_0394 IMG_0413 IMG_0426 IMG_0476IMG_0324IMG_0248 IMG_0258 IMG_0271 IMG_0279 IMG_0319 IMG_0322 IMG_0352IMG_0404 IMG_0371 IMG_0373 IMG_0382 IMG_0393 IMG_0399 IMG_0478 IMG_0523IMG_0189a IMG_0262 IMG_0282 IMG_0290 IMG_0308IMG_0348 IMG_0332 IMG_0347 IMG_0355 IMG_0364 IMG_0435IMG_0375 IMG_0411 IMG_0438 IMG_0456 IMG_0500IMG_0455IMG_0204 IMG_0209 IMG_0211 IMG_0213 IMG_0265 IMG_0284IMG_0359 IMG_0296 IMG_0301 IMG_0378IMG_0408 IMG_0398IMG_0464 IMG_0405IMG_0440 IMG_0409 IMG_0446 IMG_0470 IMG_0482 IMG_0486 IMG_0497 IMG_0498 IMG_0518

Upfest 2015 – part 2

Despite wandering around Upfest for seven hours on the first day, I returned (for several more hours) on the viewing day – Monday – to catch up with all the finished work. Unfortunately, because of the rain, some of the art had still not been completed and one of the main venues – South Street Park – was closed. Therefore, some of the photos below come from another visit yesterday.

All in all, it was a brilliant festival. Thanks to all who helped make it such a success.

IMG_3227IMG_5620IMG_5635IMG_5639 IMG_5576 IMG_5575 IMG_5589IMG_5109IMG_5597IMG_5071IMG_5103IMG_5212IMG_5626IMG_5368 IMG_5246 IMG_5261IMG_5286IMG_5401IMG_5413 IMG_5275IMG_5656IMG_5306 IMG_5280 IMG_5289 IMG_5311IMG_5391 IMG_5314 IMG_5332IMG_5344IMG_5434IMG_5435 IMG_5336 IMG_5346IMG_5390 IMG_5358 IMG_5373 IMG_5375 IMG_5431IMG_3225 IMG_5581 IMG_5661IMG_5433IMG_5432

Upfest 2015

Today saw the welcome return of Upfest – Europe’s largest street art festival – following its ‘year off’ in 2014. Thousands of people turned out to see over 200 artists painting around Bedminster and Southville on the fantastic first day of the three day ‘urban paint festival’.

Here are some of my photos from today:

IMG_4715IMG_5023IMG_4685IMG_4695IMG_5009IMG_4904IMG_4972 IMG_4674IMG_4697 IMG_4690 IMG_4731 IMG_4735IMG_5034IMG_5056IMG_4672 IMG_4742IMG_4767 IMG_4743 IMG_4745 IMG_4762 IMG_4779 IMG_4785 IMG_4801 Img_4807 IMG_4811 IMG_4812 IMG_4815 IMG_4824 IMG_4829 IMG_4834 IMG_4836 IMG_4837 IMG_4842 IMG_4852 IMG_4856 IMG_4857 IMG_4864 IMG_4869 IMG_4870 IMG_4878 IMG_4884IMG_4873 IMG_4908 IMG_4909 IMG_4911 IMG_4913 IMG_4920 IMG_4927 IMG_4932 IMG_4935 IMG_4943 IMG_4947 IMG_4949 IMG_4953 IMG_4956 IMG_4963 IMG_4968 IMG_4976 IMG_4993 IMG_5001 IMG_5002 IMG_5005 IMG_5008 IMG_5014 IMG_4888IMG_5020

Upfest 2013

One of Bristol’s very best festivals takes place this weekend, with 250 artists from across the world come to Bedminster and Southville for Upfest. There will be painting at 28 venues, most of which are somewhere between Dean Lane skate park and the Tobacco Factory. Saturday and Sunday will be painting days, Monday a viewing day. Some of the artists have already started, but today’s rain has been a problem – let’s hope it stays dry for the next two days.

Upfest didn’t take place last year as the organisers took a well-earned break, so here’s a look back to some of what was going on at the 2013 event:DSC03197 DSC03316 DSC03363 DSC03126 DSC03130 DSC03152 DSC03153 DSC03166 DSC03170 DSC03181 DSC03209 DSC03243 DSC03277 DSC03294 DSC03303 DSC03306 DSC03323 DSC03334 DSC03341 DSC03351 DSC03365 DSC03369 DSC03372 DSC03379 DSC03382 DSC03387 DSC03390 DSC03393 DSC03402 DSC03403 DSC03410 DSC03417 DSC03431 DSC03441 DSC03443 DSC03462 DSC03466 DSC03496 DSC03520 DSC03535 DSC03541 DSC03544 DSC03574 DSC03582 DSC03586 DSC03601 DSC03613 DSC03625 DSC03629 DSC03644 DSC03619 DSC03653 DSC03715 DSC03717 DSC03732 DSC03813 DSC03830 DSC03836 DSC03843 DSC03872 DSC03858 DSC03728 DSC03633 DSC03635